July 2017


Pest Control

Take up arms

Japanese maple scale is difficult to control, but with the right tools, it’s not impossible.

2017 Horticultural Industries Leadership Awards

Strategic Solutions

Syngenta’s agronomic programs place the focus on prevention of pests and diseases.

Powerful prevention

The unique active ingredient in Mainspring GNL provides flexibility for growers against chewing and sucking pests.

A cohesive approach

Mainspring GNL allows growers the flexibility to prevent pests, including whitefly, as part of an integrated crop management system.

A foundation of faith

From an eager greenhorn to the humble leader of today, Terry Hines epitomizes honesty and reliability.

A quiet leader

Gary Hennen’s dedication to horticulture and the industry has led Oglesby Plants International to success over the past 35 years.

Share the load

Willoway Nurseries’ Tom Demaline inspires by empowering his employees to think and act like owners.

A man with a mission

Mark Foertmeyer of Foertmeyer & Sons Greenhouse Co. strives to lead the horticulture industry into the next generation.

A servant’s heart

With a selfless dedication to any endeavor, whether personal or professional, Skeetter McCorkle exemplifies integrity.

A life well lived

Although the industry lost a legend, Jim Zampini’s eye for plants and love for people will carry on for generations.