October 2017


Case Study

Water-wise mats

Obra Verde Growers reduced water and labor costs by using irrigation mats that take advantage of soil’s natural capillary action.


The root of the issue

Questions with Wayne Hinton: Learn how air-root pruning creates a healthy root system at propagation and ultimately leads to an exceptional plant.

Blending in

Questions with Otto Kaufmann: Lambert Peat Moss offers a clean, custom-blended product that has helped grow plants for 89 years.

Hydrangea Habits

Questions with Natalia Hamill: Bailey Nurseries’ Natalia Hamill discusses current and upcoming trends for the popular shrub.

Mutually Benefical

Questions with Hugh A. Poole: Growers can use the symbiotic relationship between fungi and plant to improve plant performance.

A new tool for propagation

Questions with Bill Maartense: Managing director with Omni Growing Solutions Inc., answers growers’ questions about the AeroNT bonded media plug system.

Double duty

Matt Andrus of Arborjet explains how a fertilizer can help you waste less water.