June 2020



Man and machine

If you think automation is solely for large nurseries, think again. Find out how a small Canadian nursery invested in mechanization and technology to improve production.


On the dry side

These drought-tolerant plants offer beauty and valuable traits that will resonate with both commercial customers and consumers.

Cover Story

Houseplant mania

The growing popularity of indoor plants in consumer culture is boosting sales and driving demand for the unique and unusual.


Pest plans

See our exclusive research on how growers across North America are stopping insect invasions at their operations.

Choose wisely

Here's how pesticide mixtures can help in resistance management.

Keeping tabs on the spotted lanternfly

While the invasive plant hopper remains at large in the Mid-Atlantic, quarantine controls and tree of heaven removal techniques aim to stifle its spread.

Mitigating risks

Take a proactive approach to risk management when it comes to nursery and greenhouse pests.


A smooth transition

How RediRoot helps to transition growers from traditional solid-wall pots to an air root pruning system, and what that means for their businesses.