June 2017



Water smarter

Researchers at Penn State University are helping growers decipher the data from their water tests.

Cover Story

Making waves

Hibernia Nursery is using RFID technology to manage its inventory and find the true cost of its plants.


The other New York oasis

The High Line park in New York City promotes a new perspective on gardening to the public with many native species and a natural, yet tamed look.

Cultivate'17 Preview

Stay connected

Between the numerous educational seminars and the sold-out trade show exhibits, Cultivate’17 provides copious opportunities to find a product, service, or solution that suits your needs.

Q&A: Lloyd Traven

Calculate the true selling price of a crop with a cost accounting method based on data, not guesswork.

Q&A: Craig Regelbrugge

Overcoming workforce challenges with a new approach to recruiting and reducing labor needs.

Q&A: Kim Lovelace-Young

Take a proactive approach to mitigating risks in your growing operation with a new nursery certification.

Face to face

The first Emergent Honors winners will do their social networking in person at Cultivate’17.