August 2020


Cover Story

Plant pursuit

Costa Farms’ Mike Rimland explores the globe for uncommon and exceptional tropical plants.


Winning the war on weeds

See our exclusive research on weed management practices and how growers across North America handle these pesky pests.

The correct calibration

Properly calibrating a hand-held granular spreader is an important step in effective weed control.

Weed ID

Learn how to manage liverwort in nurseries and greenhouses.

Increasing Profits

Hydrangeas on the horizon

With compact foliage and increased blooms, three new Hydrangea paniculata varieties are expected to make waves among growers and retailers in 2021.

Accelerated growth

Trees grown in Root Control bags provide Sester Farms with a high-value product and an expanded market offering.

All-purpose mixes

From hops to leafy greens to mums, Barone Gardens uses Lambert Peat Moss to grow everything.

Super shipping

The FloGo pot-less shipping system helps Sepers Nursery reduce unwanted waste and labor costs.

Stamp out root rots

Including Segway O fungicide as part of a disease management program helps keep Phytophthora and Pythium at bay.

Quality containers

Monrovia measures several factors to determine if a container is good enough to bear its name.