August 2018



More trees, quicker

Athens Tree Farm uses RootMaker containers to speed up the production process.

Top quality gives quick returns

Walla Walla Nursery grows and produces plants quickly because of Van Belle Nursery’s RocketLiners and Bloomin’ Easy lines.

Long-term control

Eight months of weed control on one herbicide application add up to massive labor savings for A. Brown & Sons Nursery.

More flowers, more revenue

David’s Nursery in Exmore, Va., found the reblooming qualities of Endless Summer hydrangeas keep their customers coming back each year for more.

Cutting time, saving costs

Chris Robinson of Robinson Nursery says JLPN’s methods helps his nursery save time and increase transplanting success.

Cost-saving quality

YC Nursery reduces production costs because Lambert Peat Moss’ growing media allows the nursery to finish plants sooner.

Booster shot

Inoculating plugs with mycorrhizae can improve plant performance and water use.

Fragrant marketing

Johnson Nursery Co. heavily markets Spring Meadow’s At Last rose because of its strong fragrance.

A dose for health

NutriRoot helps alleviate tree stress due to soil compaction, root damage, and lack of irrigation.

Right plant, right place

Shooting Star Nursery in Southern Oregon emphasizes regionally appropriate plants by sourcing material from Emerald Coast Growers.

Bee friendly

Growers can protect pollinators while still preventing plant pests.

The war on weeds

Containers top dressed with parboiled rice hulls helps control weeds for several weeks.