August 2017


Increasing Profits

Rooted in Tradition

Rock Bridge Trees uses RootMaker containers exclusively for their ability to produce fibrous root systems.

The Right Stuff

RocketLiners enable Willowbend Nurseries to reduce labor yet still sell a top-quality plant.

Sayonara, spurge

Bennett’s Creek Nursery preaches the value of timing and rotation in weed control.

Reputation matters

McCorkle Nurseries researched the options before selecting a greenhouse type and manufacturer.

A reason to celebrate

Mickman Brothers hosts a hydrangea festival each year, including all of the plants in the Endless Summer collection.

Time Savers

Shorter REIs increase efficiency for Clinton Nurseries crews.

Getting in early

Lancaster Farms sees potential in the green infrastructure market.

The war on weeds

Containers top dressed with parboiled rice hulls helps control weeds for several weeks.

A dose for health

NutriRoot helps alleviate tree stress due to soil compaction, root damage, and lack of irrigation.

The allure of natives

As the native market continues to flourish, so does the partnership between Cavano’s Perennials and its supplier Emerald Coast Growers.