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Evergreen Nursery was founded in 1864 as a grower of evergreen seedlings and transplants. More than 150 years later, we continue to grow a wide range of evergreen species in multiple sizes, along with deciduous shrubs and birch liners.

Each year Evergreen Nursery produces more than 1 million Gro-Plugs®, 500,000 2-year potted liners, 400,000 bare root liners, and 50,000 #3 and #5 container liners.

Our goal is to continue this 156-year legacy, and we are looking for someone to make that happen. Owner Ron Amos and his wife Kris are looking forward to retirement, and they’re looking for the ideal candidate to take over ownership.

Evergreen Nursery is an established operation and for generations has maintained a solid reputation for being a key producer of evergreen liners that are shipped across the United States. Many of our customers have said we provide a critical footprint in the nursery industry and without us, there would be a void that would be difficult to fill.

Recently, several well-known liner growers have left the industry. We have picked up many of those customers due to our reputation of being a top evergreen liner grower and we are continually expanding our production area. Evergreen Nursery is renowned for being dependable, trustworthy, and always available to help your business grow.

Nurturing our customers

We cultivate relationships through personal customer service. From the time an order is placed, through shipping and follow-up, our staff gets to know our customers on a personal level.

Our in-house marketing programs, coupled with exhibiting at national and regional trade shows, provides us with a 25% increase in new customers annually based on a 3-year average.

We have a diverse customer base consisting of wholesale nurseries, landscape contractors, grafting nurseries, garden centers and Christmas tree growers. We supply many of the nation’s largest nurseries with our liners from the East to the West Coast.

Evergreen seedling Gro-Plug® Norway Spruce
2-year old, 18-cell potted Norway Spruce

Our commitment to quality

Our evergreen programs are the shining star of the nursery. We have sizes and prices to match any budget and growing operation.

Our evergreen seedling Gro-Plug® line starts from seed. Many of North America’s largest grafting nurseries start with our plugs, while others are using Gro-Plugs to start their evergreen container programs. We use them as the start for all our evergreen production.

Our 2-year-old, 18-cell potted evergreen liners provide exceptional performance and come with a price point that help boost your margins. This is an excellent size liner for potting into containers or lining out in the field. We also provide larger liners that will finish sooner.

Our #1 evergreen containers are grown in air-pruned pots that have superior root structure. We also offer a #5 evergreen container and are positive you will not find a better value for this quality liner. Unique to Evergreen Nursery, our premium bedrun evergreens have strong, thick tops and a heavy root system.

One advantage that makes our plants exceptional is our growing environment. We are located in Northeast Wisconsin along the shore of Lake Michigan. The cooling effect from the lake gives us low humidity and similar growing conditions to those in the Pacific Northwest. Another benefit is our native strains of mycorrhizae that develop early in our liners. Mycorrhizae establishes root systems faster, increases nutrient uptake and aids in water absorption.

LTL pallet shipping makes logistics easy. We can ship all our products on pallets via common carrier or ground shippers. Most customers receive the stock in just a few days. We will never make you take our product until you are ready to receive it. Guaranteed.

We also have an established H-2A worker program, which ensures we have ample staff to get all our products to you when you need them.

After 156 years, we are still going strong.

If you or anyone you know wants to be a part of this legacy and to learn how valuable Evergreen Nursery is to the industry, please call us for more information on how this business could belong to you. Learn more about us at And discover more about the beautiful place we call home and where thousands of tourists visit year-round at