H. arborescens, subsp. radiata Invincible Lace™

The first-ever smooth hydrangea with plum-purple lacy florets is held up on strong stems of a dark ruby hue that sway gracefully with the wind. A fanciful and fantastic addition to the Proven Winners® ColorChoice® Invicibelle® line of native, smooth hydrangeas. USDA Zone 3-8, height/width 4-5 feet



Hydrangea x FAIRYTRAIL BRIDE™ Cascade Hydrangea™

A new class of hydrangea with unrivaled flower power. Long, trailing stems are draped in white lace, with a bouquet of florets at every leaf node. It creates new uses for all kinds of spaces, such as hanging baskets and cascading containers and spilling over rocks and wall spaces. USDA Zone 7-9, height/width 4 feet



Hydrangea x LET’S DANCE ¡ARRIBA!™

Our most prolific and reliable blooming mophead hydrangea to date! Let’s Dance Arriba hydrangea is a H. macrophylla x H. serrata hybrid with large, dense mophead flowers. It is so prolific you can finish and sell a flowering plant in the same year you pot up trimmed liners. The rich flower color ranges from hot pink to purple to blue, aging to an attractive mauve-pink. USDA Zone 4-9, height/width 2-3 feet

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