Hydrangea macrophylla ‘Hokomarore’ PP 31,264 Elizabeth Ashley™

One of the best gift-to-garden hydrangeas ever bred, Elizabeth Ashley has it all: exquisite reblooming flowers, strong stems, and a compact habit. This reblooming hydrangea has flowers that last for at least 150 days. Elizabeth was tragically ripped away from the world she so embraced while on her way to her first week of college by a speeding, drunk driver. It is through this lovely hydrangea that we honor her.

Syringa patula ‘JN Upright Select’ PP 28,959 Violet Uprising™

Some varieties are fed up with being called “common lilacs”. Not all are oversized, tree-like shrubs that bloom for a few weeks in the spring. What about some for smaller, urban gardens? What about summer fragrance or fall color? Violet Uprising is all that, resistant to powdery mildew, and it doesn’t succumb to root rot. Upright branches make the perfect flowering hedge with the added bonus of 12-inch flowers and a rich purple fall color.


Thuja x ‘Junior Giant’ PP 31,297

Fast-growing, with dark-green, fragrant, feathery foliage, arborvitaes are regarded as America’s most distinguished landscape plant. Well, guess what folks? The famous ‘Green Giant’ sprouted a baby! Instead of a 30- or 40-foot-tall specimen, Junior Giant will mature at 15-20 feet, making it a much better fit for sites where space is limited. Just as long-lived as its predecessor, and even more dense, Junior will make a spectacular hedge with little to no pruning.

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