Hydrangea arborescens Invincibelle Garnetta™

Make hydrangea season last even longer with Invincibelle Garnetta™ hydrangea. The newest member of our award-winning series of smooth hydrangeas, Invincibelle Garnetta offers deep garnet-hued buds that open into lush pink blooms. It flowers a bit later than others in the series, which makes it an ideal season-extender and companion to the other fabulous varieties in the series. USDA Zones 3-8, height/width 2.5 feet.


Rhododendron Perfecto Mundo® Double Purple

Perfecto Mundo® Double Purple azalea joins our series of high-performance, lacebug-resistant reblooming azaleas, bringing with it a show-stopping display of double purple flowers. A standout performer in our trials, it has superb blooming in spring and fall, medium-sized habit, and lacebug resistance. Developed by Dr. Tom Ranney at NCSU. USDA Zones 6b-9, height 2.5-3 feet, width 3 feet.

Syringa Baby Kim™

Finally, an improved version of garden classic ‘Miss Kim’ lilac! Baby Kim lilac has a more dwarf compact habit, darker purple blooms, and does not fade to white. It’s also about half the size, naturally growing as a tidy and appealing little mound. Great fragrance, disease resistance, and landscape performance. Hardy in USDA Zones 3-8, height 2 to 3 feet, width 2.5 feet.

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