Echinacea Butterfly™ ‘Yellow Rainbow Marcella’ PPAF

‘Yellow Rainbow Marcella’ resembles ‘Rainbow Marcella’ in so many ways, except where there was orange, there is now yellow. The combination of bright, lemon yellow and bubblegum pink is stunning. The shape of the flowers is the same, the size of the plants is the same, just the color is different.

Metasequoia glyptostroboides ‘Soul Fire’ PPAF

Bright, lime-green needles emerge with a rosy-orange frosting. In summer, the needles change to bright chartreuse and don’t fade or burn, even in the brightest places, until fall brings on orange hues. ‘Soul Fire’ will be the soul and fire of your garden, lighting it up the entire growing season.

Physocarpus opulifolius Sweet Cherry Tea™ ‘Zlebic5’ PPAF

The first re-blooming, truly dwarf ninebark! Soft pink flowers bloom in spring and repeat mid-summer followed by warm, reddish-orange new growth. Exceptional, tight branching coupled with colorful new growth allows for plants to fill in and form compact, mounding silhouettes that stay small and fit nicely into any garden space.

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