Carex oshimensis EverColor® Everest (‘Carfit01’) PP#20955

‘Everest’ is at home in the landscape as a groundcover or in a container starring solo or mixed with other plants. It has a distinctive white and green striped foliage in a mounded shape. It’s an evergreen accent plant that enhances, not overwhelms, other plants in mixed containers. It is a 5b cold hardy selection that is deer resistant.

Carex morrowii EverColor® ‘Everglow’ PP#30466

The newest addition to the EverColor® series, ‘Everglow’ has a green central stripe with unique orange margins from early autumn to late winter when it fades to a cream color spring to summer. This evergreen groundcover forms a controlled mound which can be used in living walls, mixed containers, roof gardens and edges. This Zone 5b selection reaches a height and width of 50 cm and grows well in sun, partial shade or shade.

Carex oshimensis EverColor® ‘Everillo’ PP#21002

A bright spot in the sun or shade, ‘Everillo’, with its distinctive lime yellow foliage, lightens the landscape as a groundcover, in a mixed container or on a terrace. Easy to grow and maintenance free, it forms a neat mound, hardy to Zone 5b. This deer-resistant selection tops out at around 20” tall.

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