What sets Westbrook Greenhouse Systems apart? We begin by listening, taking the time to understand your unique challenges – in growing and in business. Only then can we make smart recommendations for greenhouse systems that help you grow your way. Our goal is to support you in designing a custom growing environment that addresses your short and long-term needs.

We highly value honesty and straight talk, so when you work with Westbrook you can always expect fair treatment, ethical business practices, and valuable support. We stand behind our products and our clients. We make a point of understanding every part of this business – from commercial growers to nurseries to retail outlets.

Westbrook has been in operation for over 50 years. The greenhouse systems division began when Bill Vermeer, a grower himself, couldn’t find the product on the market that he wanted. So he made his own. That ingenuity attracted others, and over the years we’ve welcomed many others who have “grown up” in the industry.

Today, we offer an extensive selection of greenhouses and their related products, customized to the unique needs of each grower. But just as importantly, we offer our expertise. Westbrook has been an industry leader for decades, not only because of our innovative spirit and technologically advanced facilities, but because we’re growers ourselves. We understand what’s needed and we’ve developed our products from a grower’s perspective.

We’re able to address a multitude of applications with expert advice and solid, dependable greenhouses. From small garden centres to large traditional operations, we develop, install and stand behind our products, so that you see the growth you need in the way you want. We manufacture in our Beamsville facility and maintain an extensive inventory. As a result, you get competitive prices and fast turnaround. Our facilities are complex but our process is simple. From design to shop floor to installation, we’re flexible, fast, and efficient.

You have challenges at every turn: increased competition, rising costs, erratic climate patterns. Let us help you find the right greenhouse to maximize your productivity – and your business success.

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