RootMaker® containers are unique, patented root-pruning containers resulting from more than 50 years of research by Dr. Carl Whitcomb. The RootMaker® System is the most thoroughly researched root-pruning system on the market and is designed to create fibrous, non-circling root systems, both horizontally and vertically, at all phases of production to equip plants for transplanting success. Our containers are not simply root packaging. They are production tools designed to create superior plants.

RootTrapper® Containers

At RootMaker®, we want to help our customers reach their production goals. Each customer, each geographical location, each type of plant has different needs. Whether a customer is just starting out or has been using our containers for years, we want to be sure that they are using the best containers to suit their needs in order to provide superior performance and production. We often hear from customers expressing their appreciation about the quality of our products and the service that we provide.

According to Robert Flanigan: "Brandywine Trees, LLC has been growing trees and shrubs almost exclusively with RootMaker® pots and tree bags since 2010. We have tried other pots and bags, but there really is no substitute. As a supplier, RootMaker® has always been there for us with reliable and fast production and shipping to us. As a grower, it is easy to run out of product quickly as you are potting thousands of seedlings. They have always met our needs to support us during those crunch times. The fibrous root systems that we achieve from growing in the RootMaker® pots and bags is so amazing that every time we see the roots of one of the trees being planted, it makes one stop to look and appreciate."

0, 4, 8, and 12 days Catalpa transplanted from RootMaker® 18-cell tray

The original RootMaker® from the 1980s was a 4-pack propagation design. Today, thanks to customer requests and continued testing of root system manipulation, we have a wide range of products that create superior plants, from acorn squash to oak trees, which are fully equipped for transplant success. The fibrous root system increases absorption of water and nutrients which increases top growth, stem diameter, and flowers. The success of the plant is determined by how well it can use the available energy. The more energy, the stronger and more efficient the plant. Recognized as the leader of root pruning technology, helping nurseries around the world reach their growing potential, we are changing the way plants are grown.

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