“Root Pouch fabric containers produce improved root systems. After several years of testing, I am convinced that they are the best containers for producing exceptionally vigorous, healthy liners. I also appreciate the great service the Root Pouch team delivers along with their superior product. They make the purchasing process very easy from start to finish and are a great company to work with.” — Gordy Webster, container production manager, J. Frank Schmidt & Son Co.

At Root Pouch our focus is all about "the roots." We know that circling/girdling roots is quite common from plastic pots. We also know this problem cannot correct itself once the tree is planted in the landscape.

Hillsboro, Ore.

Girdling roots that wrap around the trunk of a tree weakens the tree by restricting the flow of water and nutrients, leading to the decline of the health of the tree. The tree seldom survives a decade. The difference in a healthy root is the difference of a tree struggling for years or thriving for decades!

Root Pouch is a fabric planting container designed with the plants in mind. Root Pouch fabric pots are different than any other fabric pot on the market, as they have natural fibers mixed in. The natural fibers allow the water and nutrients to be drawn to the plant when planted in the ground. Creating our own fabric allows us to create containers for most growing needs. If growing above ground, Root Pouch offers a pouch made of 100 percent recycled water bottles, this makes it long lasting and durable while still promoting a non-circling, fibrous root structure.

100% PETE for above-ground containers

The root system is the engine that feeds the tree. Root Pouch is designed to make it the highest performing engine available.

Plastic pots/poly bags/woven tree bags are designed to hold dirt. Root Pouch grow bags are designed to enhance root growth and plant health.

We make all our own fabric. This allows us to control the raw materials that our fabric is made of. It also allows us to determine the density and thickness of our pots to best fit individual growing needs to specific sectors such as Horticulture, Agriculture, Hydroponics, Propagation and Aquaponics.

Natural fiber blend for in-ground containers

In-ground growing and above-ground growing have different requirements. In-ground growing requires the fabric to contain natural fibers as well as PETE to absorb water from surrounding soil. This allows field growing without drip systems. Other fabric companies cannot offer this function.

Greenhouse and propagation containers’ priority is porosity rather than tinsel strength and insulation, while container yard pots’ requirements are focused more on tinsel strength and insulation, rather than porosity.

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