The Bayer mission of Science for a Better Life means we are constantly working to develop scientific innovations that build a better life for our customers and foster healthy environments where we all live, work and play. With a world-class team of technical specialists, a comprehensive portfolio of innovative products and a dedication to building industry partnerships, Bayer is wholly committed to helping growers expand their businesses.

The foundation of our business is our innovative product portfolio and our outstanding production ornamentals team, comprised of market experts who were already passionate – not only about working in, but also playing and thriving in, the ornamentals industry.

The Bayer Production Ornamentals experts

With almost 150 years of collective market experience, the experts on the Bayer Ornamentals team have a vast knowledge base that spans from managing a greenhouse as a professional grower and working as a major distributor to serving as an acclaimed extension specialist and publishing the latest research on plant pathology. These experts stretch their roots deep within the industry to find solutions and help you grow your business.

“We are constantly innovating and developing new, science-backed solutions that make our customers’ lives easier,” said John Wendorf, U.S. Ornamental Segment Manager for Bayer. “We built the Bayer product portfolio from decades of research and first-hand experience in the ornamentals industry, and we have some ground-breaking innovations coming that we can’t wait to share with growers.”

Bayer team (from left to right): John Wendorf, Bob Froelich, Aaron Palmateer (PhD), Brian McCaffrey, Patrick Peterson, Steve Larson

The Bayer Production Ornamentals portfolio

With decades of first-hand experience in the Ornamentals industry, Bayer offers a robust product portfolio with the latest in technical innovations as well as the time-tested solutions that growers have come to depend on. Key offerings include Altus® insecticide, Marengo® herbicide and Savate® miticide.

Altus is a novel insecticide that can be used on a wide range of plants anytime during the production cycle for targeted control of whiteflies, aphids and other harmful insects. It offers flexible and long-lasting performance and is compatible with honey bees, bumble bees and many beneficial insects in all production ornamentals settings.

Marengo controls more than 80 different weeds and offers up to eight months of residual control. The only preemergence herbicide labeled for use inside greenhouses beneath benches, Marengo can be applied in spring or fall.

Savate miticide controls all stages of mites and whiteflies, including eggs and immature stages. With up to 30 days of residual control, Savate offers translaminar movement to protect both upper and lower leaf surfaces.

“We are honored to be working with a strong group of distributors and to be engaging daily with the growers that make this market so vibrant,” Wendorf said. “Together, we know we can grow something beautiful.”

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