Leadership comes in many types. But the best leaders have a few traits in common. They stay calm in a crisis. They don’t overreact, even when the news is bad. They are able to assess the problem and work through potential solutions. They speak for the industry, striving to lift up everyone, not just those in their circle. You’ll find such examples in the Horticultural Leadership Awards Class of 2021. Now in its fifth year, please join Greenhouse Management, Nursery Management and Syngenta as we congratulate six deserving honorees who continuously work toward the betterment of the green industry.
Nick Collins Publisher ncollins@gie.net
Kelli Rodda Editorial Director, Nursery Management, Greenhouse Management, Produce Grower krodda@gie.net

Matthew Grassi Editor, Greenhouse Management, Produce Grower mgrassi@gie.net