Get the same great, performance-enhancing container you love in three vibrant new colors; Mandarin Orange, Berry Blue, and Violet! Our new colored Smart Pots provide the same root-enhancing, foliage-exploding, flower-bursting, long-lasting, breathable benefits of our original Smart Pot fabric containers with the added benefit of providing a little decorative spice to the house, patio, deck and yard. Smart Pots work well with all plants from vegetables to house plants and trees and flowers – you name it! If they have roots, there’s no better way to get the most out of your plants than with a Smart Pot. Unbreakable, inexpensive, washable, reusable. Unfold, Fill, Plant. It’s that simple. *Assortments available in 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, and 10 gallon sizes *Available through distributors across the United States. For more information, visit

PVC Ready Urban Raised Bed

Our popular raised bed product line has a new addition this year! For the first time ever we’ve made a durable, fabric raised bed available in a natural color. These new beds are PVC-ready and provide a rigid, durable frame in more traditional raised bed dimensions your customers are familiar with; 2 ft x 4 ft, 4 ft x 4 ft, and 4 ft x 8 ft sizes. Like all Smart Pots and Smart Pot products, our proprietary fabric is breathable, long lasting, reusable and brings the most out of your plants whether it be vegetables, fruits or flowers. The breathability of our beds provides enhanced root production and favorable soil temperatures to make your garden as happy as can be. There’s no better way to grow than with a Smart Pot!

*PVC piping and fittings not included *Available through distributors across the United States. For more information, visit

Root Control Bag

Our Root Control Bag started a growing revolution in 1984. The first porous fabric container was intended to make harvesting field-grown trees quick and easy, but the side effects were astounding. A true production tool was born for nurserymen world-wide. Nearly 80% of the root structure was intact after harvesting due to root pruning inside the Root Control Bag and it was half the size and weight of a traditional balled & burlapped tree. Advantages of the RCB include no expensive tree spades for harvest, anyone can dig, ship more trees per truck, grow more trees per acre, significantly expand harvest season and nearly 100% transplant survival welcomed from root pruning that began at the beginning. Whether you’re growing from 1 inch to 6 inches, we have an RCB for you. RCBs are 100% made in the USA and custom sizing is available. To start your growing revolution, visit today.

Tree Collar

Since 1984, High Caliper Growing has led a growing revolution for nurserymen. Our one-of-a-kind Tree Collars are the premium device to prevent blow-over and protect your investments. Developed on a Florida farm where wind and hurricane damage are a constant threat, Tree Collars attach to a cable creating a permanent holding station with easy on and off access to your plants. Sizes are available for a sapling up to a 6-inch tree. Give them a try and see how Tree Collars can save you money firsthand. Benefits include keeping trees uptight and upright, reduced labor cost with quick and secure attachment, more sellable trees without damage, reduced fertilizer costs from blow-over, and the Tree Collars last at least 5 years so they will quickly pay for themselves. If you are looking to enhance your own growing revolution, Tree Collars are a sure-fire product for success. For more information visit

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