For over 90 years, Lambert Peat Moss Inc., a family-owned business, has been acknowledged as a leader in the sphagnum peat-based products industry. Its devotion and passion make it the perfect partner for your business whether you are a professional grower or an amateur horticulturist. Well-known for its ability to quickly adapt to the customer’s requests and special needs, Lambert’s success is based on its pre-occupation for quality control and consistency of its products. More than ever, growers are looking for specific products to help them stand out, including crops that often require particular growing conditions.

In order to transcend and meet the needs of its clients, Lambert offers the possibility to customize all its Standard Professional Peat-Based Substrates and gives the option to custom blend virtually any formulation that suits the grower. Depending on the characteristics that the producer is looking for, customers can select the peat grade, adjust the pH (up or down), include a different moisture content, a nutrient charge, an organic-approved input, biologicals or disease-suppressive products. Lambert can provide endless possibilities to fulfill any grower’s expectations and assist retailers to develop their own private label of retail potting mixes and landscape soils for the horticultural market.

Quality is Lambert’s priority

Lambert’s in-house quality control laboratory performs continuous sampling and analysis during the production of the mixes. Agronomists and engineers have developed rigorous standards and procedures to make sure that every cubic foot of product leaving the yard complies with the company’s strict standards. Quality control procedures are regularly re-assessed to increase the product’s quality. To comply with chemical standards, samples of products are constantly analyzed for pH and EC. Particle size distribution, porosity, moisture content and the yield and firmness of our bags are frequently measured. Finally, random greenhouse tests to evaluate our product performance are processed frequently.

The true pillar of Lambert’s success is its people. Experienced agronomists and soil technicians are always ready to help and guide customers with any questions they may have. Our sales team includes industry veterans who truly love what they do and strive for customer success. During this pandemic period, customer service is even more important. Even though it may not be possible to physically visit growers and retailers, the team is available to answer any questions or perform follow-ups regarding targeted results or to calibrate some aspects of the substrate using different virtual meeting applications. It works surprisingly well and gives the customer a quick follw-up.

The Lambert family and its employees take great pride in providing the highest quality of peat products and peat-based mixes while simultaneously nurturing the land that it harvests from.

From this family to yours, it is an honor to be at the root of your success!

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