Hydrangea quercifolia ‘Snowcicle’ PPAF

A selection from our friend Richard Davis, this new double flowered oakleaf hydrangea has 12- to 14-inch sturdy panicles of flowers that age from creamy white to a stunning combination of rose-red, olive green and cream. Each panicle is held up by a super sturdy stem. The plant grows 4-6 feet tall and shows off each fall with amazing fall colors in deep wine and burnt orange. Compared to Snowflake and other double flowered selections, Snowcicle has much larger panicles, improved vigor and sturdier branches.

Dianthus gratianopolitanus ‘Pink Fire’ PPAF

Named after a fiery, red-headed professional volleyball player from Israel, Pink Fire lives up to its namesake with enormous, fully double, fiery pink carnation flowers that emerge from a steely-blue base of foliage. The large flowers do not flop, but are help strong and high by the stems. A sport of the ever famous ‘Firewitch’, this plant has many similar, yet improved qualities — with a super strong clove fragrance to entice even the shyest gardener to come closer.

Nepeta grandiflora ‘Summer Magic’ PP 27090

Nepeta ‘Summer Magic’ is an outstanding selection that blooms and blooms all summer. The upright, deep lavender blooms are held high above the grass green foliage and never flop. This plant always looks great in a container. We are proud to be representing this new catmint in partnership with our friends at Plants For Europe in the United Kingdom. Summer Magic is a new, extremely free-flowering variety from the UK that blooms continuously from May to September. It’s compact and sturdy and never flops, even in the worst rain storms. You won’t attract cats with this selection either. Compared to ‘Walker’s Low’ and ‘Six Hills Giant,’ Summer Magic has a much sturdier habit and never goes through that ugly mid-summer phase.

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