White Wedding® Hydrangea Hybrid ‘LeeP1’ PPAF Hydrangea paniculata

From Louisiana breeder Buddy Lee, ‘White Wedding’® has sturdy, upright branches that easily support oversized clusters of white, pillow-like, conical shaped blooms. This 4-6’ grower has a 3-4’ spread and provides dazzling beauty as a cut flower or in the garden—from accent to containers to mass plantings. Plants bloom short in containers making them easy to ship. Full sun to part shade lover; grows well in most soil types. Late spring to early fall flowering can be extended by dead-heading aging flower clusters. USDA Zones 4-8.

Light Show® Red Bottlebrush 'LJ23' PP27547 Callistemon viminalis

Dense, emerald green foliage covers this tough flowering shrub. Reaching only 3-4’ tall with a 4-5’ spread, Light Show® Red is suited for a variety of landscape applications. This new bottlebrush is a low-maintenance winner with long lasting good looks. In the landscape, Light Show® Red is tolerant of drought and salty coastal growing conditions. Warm colored, striking, brighter red flowers start late spring and continue into fall. Lightly deadhead through the season for enhanced blooming. Highly attractive to pollinators and hummingbirds. Zones 8-11.

Dianella ‘Allyn-Citation’ PP22965 Dianella revoluta Coolvista™

Coolvista™ offers a “grass-like” look to landscapes with blue-green foliage and a stiff upright growth habit. This flax lily variety quickly forms a dense clump. Many side shoots emerge from the ground around the plant base. Dainty blue flowers in late summer, early fall. Plants grow 1-2’ tall with a 1-2’ spread. Prune as need in late summer or late winter to remove old foliage. From Australia, this plant is drought-resistant, heat-resistant and prefers a well-drained soil. Full to part sun preferred. USDA Zones 8-10.

Podocarpus macrophyllus Roman Candle™ Podocarpus 'Miu' PP28582

This low maintenance shrub has year-round interest with attractive white to light green variegated new foliage growth. Roman Candle™ is landscape tough, low-maintenance, disease-resistant, and deer-resistant. Evergreen with a height of 10-15’ with a 4-6’ spread. Prune prior to growth flushes to shape as as desired. Tolerant of full sun and heat. Zones 7B-10.

Agapanthus hybrid Ever Amethyst™ Agapanthus ‘ANDhin’ PP26336

The new color addition to the growing in popularity semi-dwarf Ever series of Lily of the Nile offers early, brilliant dark purple flowers in late spring and summer. Re-bloomer. Height of 1-2’ with an equal spread. Performs best in a full sun to lightly shaded landscape. Offers a thriller opportunity in container gardening. Ever Amethyst™ is fast-growing, tough and drought-tolerant in southeastern climates. Prefers well-drained garden soil. Zones 8-11.

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