First Editions® Neon Burst™ Dogwood Cornus alba

First Editions® Neon Burst™ is a compact plant with attractive chartreuse foliage and strong sun tolerance. Its stems have a rich red hue early in the season. Fall foliage is a rainbow of purple, red, yellow and orange. In winter, stems turn glossy scarlet red.

Distylium First Editions® Swing Low™ Distylium

First Editions® Swing Low™ Distylium is a low-growing evergreen with dainty blue-green leaves. It grows well in dry or wet soils, seasonally flooded areas, and slopes. It’s also heat tolerant, adapts well to pruning when needed, and is disease and insect resistant. Swing Low™ is especially perfect for mass planting.

Gardenia jasminoides
First Editions® Sweet Star® Gardenia

Sweet Star® offers more of what we already crave about gardenia: big, fragrant, abundant flowers bloom well into summer and early fall. Add pretty orange fruit later in the season on an already nicely rounded, tidy plant and you will easily fall in love.

Ilex crenata
First Editions® Straight & Narrow™ Japanese Holly

Straight & Narrow™ holly is a perfectly suited vertical accent for home and urban landscapes. Its shiny dark green leaves and tidy structure make it a standout no matter what time of year. Its columnar shape makes it a great fit in small spaces.

First Editions® Virtual Violet™ Lilac

Shiny violet new leaves, deep purple stems, raspberry-purple buds, and fragrant violet flowers make Virtual Violet™ a standout new lilac. Its leaf petioles remain violet well into the summer, and the dense, upright habit makes it a great choice for a hedge or use in foundation plantings.