Echinacea purpurea ‘Green Twister’

Jelitto knows Echinaceas very well. Our award-winning ’Magnus’ received The Royal Horticultural Society’s Award of Garden Merit and the Plant of the Year from the Perennial Plant Association. We introduced ’Magnus Superior’ and ’Happy Star’ in the last few years, only after they had been thoroughly trialed, and knew we had unique perennial seed selections. We are very proud to continue Jelitto’s tradition of new Echinacea seed strains with the 2017 introduction of ’Green Twister.’ ‘Green Twister’ is a lovely color variation that we first noticed many years ago in ’Magnus’ seed production fields. At first, we thought the unusual green color might be caused by a virus and dozens of plants were eliminated long before ’Green Envy’ became popular. Fortunately, there was no virus... this phenomenon was a spontaneous mutant as we learned a few years later. ‘Green Twister’ is a unique and colorful seed selection. This lively green coneflower will show natural variation in the color and size of the green edge. A few flowers are light green but some are almost yellow-edged each with an increasing carmine-red center. There is no off color in thousands of plants grown in our production fields. The horizontally arranged petals are arranged around a large cone and there is very often a higher petal count. Flowering stems are shorter in the first year but normal size (around 100 cm/40 in) in the second year. Many of these stems are a dark burgundy color.

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