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The enthusiasm for gardening certainly flourished this year and a recent survey revealed that gardeners of all ages will be back digging in the dirt in 2021. The research, conducted by the Minneapolis-based firm Axiom Marketing, found that 86% of homeowners plan to continue gardening in 2021. Nearly 40% of those surveyed say they will plant about the same as last year, with 47% say they will be planting more and expanding their garden spaces next season.

Many homeowners surveyed said they were gardening in 2020 because it gave them something to do while stuck at home during the pandemic, provided a source of exercise and helped to cope with stress. But, overwhelmingly, most were gardening to add beauty in their lives.

“More than half of those surveyed told us they just wanted a beautiful outdoor space,” says Kathleen Hennessy, head of Axiom’s horticulture marketing group. “With many of us spending more time at home, and more time outside, gardening opened the door for positive activities and good feelings in a time where things were looking pretty bleak.”

Growing flowers is by far the most popular gardening activity at nearly 73%, with shrubs and vegetables rounding out the top three. More than 32% rank container gardening high on their list. Houseplants are also important with 46% saying indoor gardening is a meaningful activity.

COVID-19 influenced younger homeowners to garden more, according to the research. In the 19-28 age range, 23% said they spent “more time” gardening (that includes indoors or out) and 49% of that age group said they spent “definitely more” time gardening. In the 29-39 age bracket, 26% spent “more time” gardening, while 50% said “definitely more.”

That younger demographic also said they plan to grow more in 2021 – 81% of 19- to 28-year-olds and 83% of 29- to 39-year-olds. The response from 40- to 55-year-olds was impressive, too, with 64% saying they’ll garden more next year.

Where did these folks buy their plants? Some 48% shopped at Home Depot, 45% shopped at an independent garden center, 38% shopped at Lowe’s, and 24% shopped at Walmart. Online shopping came in at 7%.

Fortunately, gardeners felt accomplished this year.

“More than 80% of those surveyed said they felt successful or very successful in their 2020 gardening tasks,” says Hennessy. “This is great news for the horticulture industry. When homeowners feel successful, they buy more plants, are more likely to try new types of gardening and expand their knowledge. These are all signs that 2021 will be another busy year.”

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