The future for gardening looks joyful and holds a connection to Mother Nature that just may be the saving grace of the planet.

This bold prediction comes from Garden Media Group’s 2019 Garden Trends Report: Rooted Together – Reconnecting with the Natural World.

The 18th annual report dives deep into the intrinsic connection people have with nature and how banding together is the best defense to protect the earth.

The 2019 report introduces eight industry trends that garden centers and consumers alike can gain from for years to come. Today’s society is online 24/7, for pleasure and for work. The small breaks we can get from nature, indoors and out, has become an oasis for our mental and physical health.

“We are finding joy in nature to achieve peace and purpose,” says Katie Dubow, creative director at Garden Media Group. “Our 2019 Garden Trends report showcases trends in design, color and technology that will strengthen our relationship with Mother Nature.”

The green industry can use these trends to attract new consumers. Knowing what trends are heading toward the garden industry may ensure your business is offering consumers a new and exciting path to what they need to keep their garden, outdoor living and home a space of which they can be proud.

Increasing our connection with nature allows us to build a healthier relationship with the ever-growing technological world. The 2019 Garden Trends Report closely examines how this relationship with Mother Nature can provide grounding for consumers and businesses.

Here’s a snapshot of the 2019 Garden Trends: Rooted Together. The complete 2019 Garden Trends Report: Rooted Together is available for free download here:

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Indoor generation

Ninety percent of people spend nearly 22 hours a day inside without enough sunlight or fresh air. Children spend on average less than 1 hour per day outside. Since getting outdoors more often is not always an option, we can bring the outside in with houseplants. The connection to and nurturing of houseplants has created a whole new generation of plant parents. Millennials are finding out houseplants are more than just plants, they are collecting them, nurturing them and sharing photos of their “loves” on social media.

Earth guardians

Representatives of Generation Z are stepping up to create a livable future through environmental movements. The Collegiate Plant Initiative connects students to nature by dropping plants on college campuses. The Million Pollinator Garden Challenge numbers doubled in 2018. A $1.9 million partnership with Microsoft and Future Farmers of America will reach more than 650,000 “new environmentalists” ages 12-21.
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Our connection with the moon taps into our desire to tune in with nature. Gardeners are turning toward the moon for advice on the best time to plant, prune and harvest. The age-old tradition states that the phases of the moon affect plant growth.

Moon gardens shine at night with flowers in shades of white, silver blue that will reflect the moonlight and glow. Market insect-repelling plants and night-blooming flowers so that consumers can enjoy their garden at all hours.

Go a little wild

Margaret Roach suggests we intervene less, relax and enjoy nature more. She also says to let a small part of the garden “go wild” to support insect life. Replace lawns with mini meadows and incorporate natives to create thriving pollinator communities.

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Get minted

Mint is the color of 2019. People will be refreshed by the soft, neutral color which harmonizes science and technology with plant life and nature. It drives us away from ultra-feminine hues such as Millennial pink to more gender-neutral color.

Mint translates over to food with its ancient healing benefits, digestion aid and improving gut health. Plus, it is a great pollinator plant for bees and butterflies.

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