The nation’s #1 nursery container watering device is now available Pressure Compensated. The Primerus Spot-Spitter PC Assembly is a 36” or 48” spaghetti tube pre-assembled to a CNL (Compensating, Non-Leak) emitter, flow-matched and ready to attach to a Spitter. It delivers a consistent spray pattern for pressures ranging from 25 to 60 psi, and shuts off at pressures below 2 psi so all Spitters start and stop simultaneously and laterals don’t drain to the containers at the lowest point. Together with the Spot-Spitter spray stake, the PC Assembly delivers high uniformity to your most demanding applications including:

  • High value container plants
  • High frequency irrigation
  • Long rows
  • Uneven terrain or uncertain line pressure
Spot-Spitter PC Assemblies

work with all Spot-Spitter models below 11 gallons per hour, including the Spot-Spitter AG (standard Spitter), Spot-Spitter Tall and Spot-Spitter DS.

The Roberts Spot-Spitter

is the world’s first product for irrigating individual nursery containers. Now made by Primerus Products, it remains the industry leader due to its performance and durability. From 1-gallon pots to 36” boxes, no other sprayer is time tested like the Spitter. Contact Primerus for more information or a dealer referral near you.

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