RootMaker® propagation trays are the most critical step for making the best root systems for strong, thriving plants. The unique design efficiently directs roots into openings in the container for air root pruning.

The first root to reach an opening in our propagation containers usually is the tap root. When this occurs, the tip dehydrates, stops growing, and creates secondary roots that are more horizontal in growth. These secondary roots are also directed to be air root pruned and create additional root branching. This results in plants that are now equipped with more active new root tips and a greater root tip surface area for greater water and nutrient absorption.

RootMaker® propagation trays are available in 18, 32, 60, and 105 cell cavities to accommodate every crop from annuals and vegetables to trees, whether seeds, cuttings or clones. They fit a standard 10” x 20” flat and can be used many seasons.

RootMaker® Express

With its advanced design of ribs, ledges, and strategic holes, the RootMaker® Express 18 is more efficient than other propagation containers. The interior of this sturdy injection molded container is 25 cubic inches and forms 12 chambers with holes to catch and direct roots for air root pruning. The 18 single cavity Express containers fit into the supporting Shuttle tray, allowing for grading by size in propagation or handling during grafting procedures.

Growers of annuals, vegetables, shrubs, and trees are experiencing increased survivability when transplanted and faster growth rates due to the fibrous root system.

Patented, backed by 50 years of research, helping plants exceed expectations in nurseries all over the world, RootMaker® containers are not just root packaging; they are RootMakers®.

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