I’ve reached the season in my life where I feel like I’m living at a speed of at least 150 mph. Each year passes more quickly than the prior one. My grandmother warned me of this phenomenon when I was probably 18 or 19 – when I couldn’t imagine such a thing. I had nothing but time. Time to go to class (well, there were a few times I didn’t go), time to nap, time to read, time to talk to friends, time to sit in the sun, time to play with the dog, and time to have a cup of tea with my mama. By my mid-30s, I was married, had bought a home and had a family. I started to understand what my grandmother said.

Now at 45, I’m living it. I have a junior in high school who will have a license to drive before this year ends. We’re making a list of colleges to visit. I have a daughter who entered the double-digit years in 2016. She’s asking if she can wear makeup. (The answer is no!) Time with my children is almost up. Soon they’ll be adults. I want more card and board games and less screen time. I want more nature walks and less arguing. I want more car karaoke and fewer earbuds. No matter what season you’re in, my hope is that you spend time doing what brings you joy and surrounded by those you love.

A tribute

This month we lost someone dear to the GIE Media family, Helen Duerr O’Halloran. Helen was the second person I met when I flew to our Cleveland office for training shortly after the company acquired this magazine. She had this tough exterior, and I was a little intimidated. She had to be tough – she oversaw production for all the GIE titles from start to finish. Her role was absolutely critical to our success, and she was amazing at her job. It didn’t take long for me to break through that toughness to discover a caring, genuine person. Though our offices were 1,000 miles apart, I still got to experience the firm and the gentle sides of Helen, with some jokes and personal stories thrown in. There will be an obvious void at GIE for a long time – a place she worked for 26 years. This issue is dedicated to Helen. May we honor her memory by persistent improvement and pride in our publications, as well as fervent prayers of comfort for her husband and son.