RootTrapper® Root Barrier

The brown poly coated RootTrapper® root barrier is capable of stopping even potentially invasive bamboo. It is installed in a trench with the “fuzzy” side facing the roots to be contained.

By utilizing the same patented technology of the RootTrapper®, this root barrier “traps” root tips, creates root branching, and keeps potential landscape damaging roots under control.


RootCaps® are an economical way to reduce weeds and water loss. With our secure media covers, even under weedy conditions, one herbicide application has lasted one full growing season.

The reusable RootCaps® increase fertilizer efficiency and root growth in the upper 20 percent of the container mix.


Conventional smooth-walled plastic pots create the problems of circling and deformed roots. The PotLicker® solves those problems. By simply inserting the laminated sidewall liner made of unique white poly coated fabric inside a smooth walled conventional plastic pot, the problems of conventional pots are “licked.” The Pot Licker® is made using state-of-the-art lamination technology (USA Patent #7,810,275 and 8,033,048). It is precut to fit your standard smooth containers, and is reusable.

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