JLPN only collects seed, in the case that we can’t outsource it, because collecting seed ourselves doesn’t generate profits and creates a drain on vital resources (labor). Our profits are created from producing seedling and rooted cuttings, largely in part to our mechanized planting system. Wherever possible, nurseries should streamline production and “Outsource your Overhead to Increase Profits.”

Many growers who used to do in-house propagation have realized that in today’s market, propagation has become a misuse of vital labor resources. Having a crew working on growing seedlings and cuttings takes focus away from the portion of the company that generates the true dollars – the crop! In addition, if a grower needs 1,000 plants of a specific grade, they have to grow at least 40 percent more trees to get that specific grade, which creates waste, adding to the overall cost and overhead. With the help of JLPN, you only order what you need, eliminating waste.

In-house propagation of seedlings and cuttings can save growers pennies per plant, however, that labor is best utilized for creating dollars by maintaining focus and producing a superior field crop that generates true revenue and profits.

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