Mary Niehaus, an ASA certified arborist, was visiting a property in Destin, Fla., where she was asked to help save a number of Heritage live oaks.

“I was contracted to ‘save the trees,’ but as I explained to my client I could not save the trees, but could try to make them healthier. The site is located on a harbor with direct south winds from the Gulf of Mexico. Compound this with pure white sand and powdery quartz soils it makes for truly a unique growing environment for plants. People travel the world to vacation here, hence development,” she says.

Niehaus, owner of Eco Green Solutions, a professional company based in Santa Rosa Beach, Fla., that specializes in plant health care needs (trees, turf, and shrubs), said the live oaks she was asked to “save” are several hundred years old. Over the past 50 years, the environment surrounding them changed from a natural dune to a compacted crushed limestone parking lot with the weight of vehicle traffic compounding matters, not to mention a lack of irrigation. Several trees had severe crown dieback, poor foliage color, nutrient deficiencies, and were drought-stressed.

Enter ArborJet. “I was meeting with J.B. Toorish, my regional ArborJet representative, at the job site and he suggested using NutriRoot as part of the restoration project. JB explained to me the agrobenefits of a unique blend of nutrients, seaweed extract, humic acid, surfactants, and humectants designed to increase root development and reduce water stress. I thought it was the perfect opportunity to try the product,” she explains.

The restoration process began with pruning and dead wood removal, then air spading radial trenches with a 3-inch grid pattern between trenches around each tree. That was followed by a combination of organic matter incorporated back into the existing soil. The project was finished with a soil drench of NutriRoot and a four-inch layer of mulch. The original renovation process was performed in March of 2016.

“By the end of the hot dry summer the trees had improved,” she says. “As is their natural process, with spring, they pushed off the previous year’s leaves and set new healthy, larger, green leaves. By the end of the summer, the canopies were heavier leaved than in previous years. As of today, the Heritage live oaks are still standing and doing well.”

Niehaus has used NutriRoot for mature tree restoration and construction sites to help alleviate tree stress due to soil compaction, root damage, and lack of irrigation.

“I use NutriRoot in conjunction with the ArborJet trunk injection plant health care program. When the root systems are compromised for uptake the injection applies the product directly into the vascular system of the tree bypassing the compromised root system. The NutriRoot is applied as a drench at the same time to enhance the root structure for future uptake needs,” she explains.

Her clients have noticed the difference with the use of the ArborJet systems.

“ArborJet results speak for themselves because of repeat clients. The results I have personally witnessed has made me a true believer in the NutriRoot product and other ArborJet systems,” she says.

She calls ArborJet’s customer service “the best.”

“I always first call J.B. He is quick to respond, always has a great attitude and a wealth of information. If I have a question that he is not sure of the answer, he finds the answer or points me in the right direction. It always feels like a small family business and not a large corporation. They offer online webinar trainings that I have attended several times, it’s a great wintertime refresher. Even though they are not physically on properties to assist with the installation, I know they have my back and are just a phone call away.”