The Nursery Mix with EcoPeatPlus+® simultaneously provides excellent drainage and water holding capacity.

For over 90 years, Lambert Peat Moss has been offering a wide range of horticultural products from different grades of Canadian sphagnum peat moss to an assortment of ready-to-use professional peat-based substrates. Lambert Peat Moss is dedicated to meeting the special needs of nurserymen, greenhouse growers, fruit & vegetable producers, professional horticulturalists and home gardeners.

In addition to our complete professional substrate lines, Lambert is now proud to offer a new growing mix that is designed to be a reliable alternative to the classic bulk mixes available on the market for nurserymen. The Nursery Mix is an exceptional option over common bulk products due to its superior, well-balanced components like coarse grade Canadian sphagnum peat moss and Lambert’s exclusive EcoPeatPlus+®, a natural wood fiber.

The Nursery Mix provides an exceptional ratio of air space and water holding capacity, as well as a high drainage property, which is very useful after a severe thunderstorm or several consecutive rainy days. These characteristics are made possible by the special matrix created by EcoPeatPlus+® with sphagnum peat moss.

There are many benefits to consider when switching to The Nursery Mix. First, the product offers a high-quality consistency, which has undergone a complete quality control process before reaching the market. You are sure to receive a top-quality product every time! Our quality control department performs continuous sampling and analysis during every mix production cycle. Each sample is analyzed for pH at three different incubation stages, as well as for the electrical conductivity. Particle size distribution, moisture content and yield complete the criteria we constantly evaluate. We make sure that each cubic foot of the mix is in full compliance with all of our specifications. If any of these points are not completely met, it will not be released for delivery by our laboratory staff. Only a high-end product will leave our site!

Additionally, The Nursery Mix is offered in compressed bales, so you can be assured of getting the exact volume on every order versus bulk product in a dump truck that will be compacted during transport. The possibilities of contamination are also eliminated by the protection offered by the bale packaging. The fact that the mix can be compressed gives you the opportunity to save on freight costs so you can load twice the volume on the trucks.

As EcoPeatPlus+® is harvested from the peat bog and has been buried under acidic and anaerobic conditions for centuries; these conditions create an extremely stable product that will not shrink in a container. During growing production, this will eliminate the task of adding more substrate to the containers every now and then. In addition, since The Nursery Mix will not deteriorate for a long period of time, fewer fine particles will be generated to thereby maintain the integrity and porosity of the substrate, which is really useful for maintaining your drainage!

No matter where you are, one of our sales representatives is nearby. Most of them are experienced growers or have owned nurseries in the past, they are ready to listen to what you are experiencing and will assist you to find the perfect solution and resolve any issues. Perhaps you need a special formulation for a specific crop. A lot of growers ask for a specific pH or special additives. You may want a “standard” mix with a little more perlite, or a little bit less. At Lambert Peat Moss we offer a wide range of custom-blend options. We produce a custom project nearly every day, and we can respond to almost every special request. At Lambert, we specialize in custom blends!

Moreover, Lambert Peat Moss has developed an extensive, efficient and versatile distribution network, that is ready to do anything to deliver your order to your door in an incomparable time frame. The constant commitment to improve and optimize customer service allows Lambert Peat Moss to adapt quickly to the requirements of its customers. The skilled workforce and dedication of its staff ensure that it remains competitive, at the cutting edge of the technology and at the forefront of markets by offering incomparable quality products. Lambert, at the root of your success since 1928!

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