The Pack Manufacturing Company, located in McMinnville, Tennessee — the nursery capital of the world — has been helping nursery and greenhouse growers overcome obstacles in material handling and automation for the past 26 years. Now more than ever the horticulture and agriculture industries need solutions to some of the most pressing problems in the industry.

Labor shortages

Perhaps nothing highlights the danger to our nation’s agriculture and horticulture industries like the current viral outbreak sweeping the world. While many companies can evolve to work from home or take a break and pick up in the aftermath, our nation’s growers must act in the limited windows of their growing season. Many areas of the country are limited to mere months to plant and harvest their work for an entire year. With these demands, growers are forced to make some tough choices. Dependence on a large workforce in a very labor-intensive industry creates the type of environment where a single worker can spread disease to many in the workforce.

Automation allows equipment to perform the work of many individuals, therefore removing the dependence on large workforces. A single production line can eliminate the need to search for hard to find labor, and Pack Manufacturing offers many more solutions to reduce the need for a growing workforce. Automation is not just for the large commercial grower. Even small family owned farms stand to benefit greatly from automating labor-intensive processes. When factoring the savings from reduced labor needs and the benefits of increased productivity, automation is far cheaper than maintaining expensive labor.

Increased productivity

Aside from a lower overhead, automation helps growers meet increased demands by greatly increasing production capability and quality. Pack Manufacturing Batch Mixers allow growers to deliver a higher quality potting media to their plants using their own custom recipes in a fraction of the time of traditional mixing methods. Pack Manufacturing Potting and Flat Filling equipment allows growers to produce uniform, high quality container plants exponentially faster than potting with conventional practices. Labor intensive tasks such as moving and watering in plants can be eliminated altogether with Pack Manufacturing conveyor lines and inline watering solutions. Pack Manufacturing also offers many different mobility solutions, such as fully tracking trailers and field potters, so growers can take their equipment right to the field with them. Pack Manufacturing combination machines, such as the PM20 Combination Mixer and Flat Filler, provide customers with added value by combining multiple machines into a single piece of equipment.

Explore new opportunities

Not only are Pack Manufacturing automation solutions faster and cheaper than manual labor, but Pack Manufacturing equipment also opens new sources of revenue for your business. Whether it is bagging and selling your custom grow mixes with a Pack Manufacturing Bagger or opening the door to new growing options, Pack Manufacturing equipment provides your business with all the tools you need to preserve and grow in these challenging times. You can see our equipment lines at our website, or call us at (931) 473-9980.

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